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Will Get Again; Thin & Medium-Crust Pizza @ Pizzaria Luzzo, Cascais

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I love pizza, who doesn't love pizza? The problem is, I gain a lot of weight when I eat a lot of carbs, and pizza - normally - a lot more carbs than I can typically get away with eating.

So Thomas (my husband) and I don't order pizza by ourselves. Never.

That being said, every friend, every family member of ours - they all love pizza. And when they want takeaway - sometimes even when we go to restaurants - boy is it going to be pizza if everyone's going to end up happy.

So we have our cheat days. And we have places we can get thin crust pizza so it doesn't really qualify as cheat days.

Pizzaria Luzzo would qualify as both.

See, they have a medium-thick crust pizza option, and they have a thin-crust option, and I wanted to try a new pizza place because our favourite sushi restaurant closed in Cascais (the Lisbon branch is still open if you're interested, it's called Hiroo Sushi).

I didn't want to end up in a situation where our favourite healthy pizza place (Pizzeria da Linha) closed down and we didn't have a back up, so I went looking, this place popped up, I pushed to get it to try, and bam, we placed the orders, for three different pizzas, and we each tried slices from each...

Now, normally the pizza places we get have decent cheese, but before I opened these boxes, I could smell this stuff.

Okay maybe it was mostly the Funghi pizza I ordered, but I'm pretty sure the cheese was smelly too.

Smelly cheese is the tastiest. The other two pizzas we ordered were both four cheeses (they call theirs "Formaggio"), with two different styles of crust, and they were both delicious, but I actually think I preferred the medium pizza.

Both stupendous though so would absolutely have a thin-crust pizza on a not-so-cheat day.

Do you need a close up of the cheese? I thought so. Here you go:

Okay here's another for good measure:

Good stuff, I know.

Hey, I'm just trying to be thorough here.

Anyway so the cheese - stronger (a.k.a. better) than most.

The crust was not as crispy perfection as Pizzeria da Linha and the flavour was a touch overwhelming, but I absolutely will be nagging Thomas to get pizza from here once in a blue moon because I pretty much only like the 4 cheese pizza from Pizzeria da Linha, and this place has a slew of pizza topping styles I think I would like... so I want to experiment.

The fungi pizza I got was delicious...

But of course the obvious winner in the vast majority of pizza places across southern Europe, as is the case here - the four cheese pizza.

You actually can't beat it in most cases.

But sometimes I'm not trying to beat it, I'm just bored of the same old and want something else on my pizza. Some texture, haha.

Close up on the thin crust version:

Not too bad at all if you're trying to be healthy.

And as you can see, there's a lot of cheese on there, so legitimately the cheese to bread ratio is crazy good "value"-wise for your calories (and in terms of cost value as well of course).

Still, between them all, my favourite was the medium-thick 4 cheese pizza.

It felt a little like eating happiness.

I do like mixes, and as long as Thomas is willing to keep getting the 4 cheeses, whichever crust he wants, I'm very happy to trade for a couple pieces (or even half) of that and experiment with a new topping combo each time.

There are actually quite a lot of good looking options.

Most places have a lot of weird combinations that I'm not even going to bother trying.

his place has the topping combos on point, at least by the look of it.

All in all, would absolutely not hesitate to get again.

Great first experience, and if some other friends want to grab pizza, or even go in person, I would definitely recommend this restaurant.

Far better than the average pizzaria. For sure.