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Disappointing... Beef Burgers @ Bullguer, Cascais (Super & Lumberjack)

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Last night, Thomas and I were feeling a little peckish, but not hungry enough to get a massive meal.

We wanted to grab sushi from our current favourite sushi place (Hiroo sushi), but when we placed an order, for some reason it got cancelled, maybe because they had to close down for an emergency or were somehow never open, yet the app (we use Bolt or sometimes Uber Eats), thought they were open for some reason.

Either way, we took the opportunity to try a new place, and since Bullguer had a really good sale on their burgers, and we didn't care much for a big meal, we got a burger each - their Super & Lumberjack beef burgers - cut them down the middle and each ate half.

I'm going to admit right here at the start - I had high hopes for this place, but it did disappoint.

I literally have zero problem with presentation being a mess, but if that's not your jam, this is not the place for you, or at least not if you get your burgers delivered (as that may be why they were so messy).

Again, I don't personally care because I'm all about the taste, but the taste has to be good - really good - for me to approve of a burger place. Especially since burgers are so easy to make at home.

I guess my criteria is - if Thomas could make a better burger for me - I'm not buying from that burger place again, and I'm certainly not buying from Bullguer again.

Sad to say, like I said, because I had high expectations.

The burgers come a little bloody on the inside, which I love and is part of why this place appealed to the two of us.

If you like your burgers well or over cooked, again, probably not the place for you (though you could request them to be well done, surely).

The actual taste of the toppings were fine - neither were stupendous, but definitely good enough.

The beef itself was high quality, same with the brioche buns.

But the problem with the buns was they were kind of soggy, and fell apart in a not-good way.

I expect my brioche to be grilled or toasted - crispy on the outside, and soft on the inside. That didn't happen here.

So sadly these burgers tasted as messy as they looked.

Were they worth the price? Probably what we paid for them, but we had a serious discount, and at regular price, I don't think they would be worth it.

Here's the size of the burger in comparison to a standard (Corelle in case anyone's wondering) plate. Not too small, not to big.

Either way, as I said, we're definitely not grabbing these again.

Just my 2¢, but I definitely think this place was a flop! Disappointing, but a worthy experiment because they looked really good.