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Great Value & Variety AYCE Sushi @ Sushi Come, Cascais

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So I'm not going to lie, we haven't tried as many All You Can Eat (AYCE) Sushi restaurants as we should since we started living here in Casacis.

Part of the problem is that we've found two we really like, that are great pricing-wise and have good quality fish (not exceptional, of course, but they're reliably good, which is all you can really ask for from an AYCE restaurant).

So essentially we go here for one thing there (there being Nami Asian Restaurant) for other things, and then we're all set. We've got our bases covered.

If you look up the reviews for Sushi Come, you'll see it's overall pretty terribly rated.

Considering nearly everything in town has 4+ stars, the fact that has between 3-3.9 stars on any given day is abysmal.

Then I have a look at what people are criticizing this restaurant over and realize... these customers just don't understand AYCE culture. Like really.

The types of complaints I see?

"Rude" staff. Staff being hard to flag down, inattentive. Staff who don't speak the local language all that well. Waiting for food for a long time. Staff losing orders or not bringing the right dishes that were ordered. Not being able to take home food that's on your plate (why would you exactly??) when you are being told to leave because you stayed til closing (..come earlier??).

Honestly, anyone who complains about any of these things has to be a complete AYCE beginner, not even a novice, as in my head, if you have been to at least 2-3 all you can eat restaurants, you know this is the norm.

How exactly did you expect a restaurant to be able to give you all the food you can physically consume in a single sitting while being 100% attentive to every table, never make a mistake on what food they bring to what table, and allow you to keep eating past their clearly defined hours until whenever you want?

Yeah I don't think all you can eat in general is for you if you can't live with being lax on things like this. Just go to a regular restaurant.

But enough about other people's opinions who obviously just don't get AYCE. Let's get into my opinion for those of you who do.

Variety. Hella aced here. You can get so many different things, some good, many, many good actually, some meh, some bad.

There's legitimately something for everybody here, though, whether those you bring are into sushi or not.

You could totally eat here and never get a single raw thing.

No problem at all, and for someone who love sushi as much as me to say this: I wouldn't even be bothered if I didn't have sushi here.

Don't get me wrong I will always get sushi here. Actually here's what I do: I start off with the sashimi platter so that I can taste literally each and every type of fish they have to decide what's fresh enough that day.

Then I get more of what I like on that particular day in other forms, like nigiri.

Because it's an AYCE restaurant, sometimes the fish can be hit and miss.

It's stupid fresh one day, not so fresh the next, good salmon and average everything else infrequently, more frequently the butter fish, the tuna, and whatever else they've got are pretty good, with maybe one type of fish that isn't so fresh, so I avoid that.

It's a great system. And even on days where the fish isn't the most fresh, their absolute best sushi dish which we always get soooo many times (like I'm literally talking, every single time we fill up a paper with orders we get one of these) - the dragon roll - yeesh, always stupendously good.

Literally perfect, with those crispy onions, that delicious salmon, the creamy avocado. Always great. Never regret it.

Always get so many of these when we go. Always have one to finish off the meal, definitely would recommend.

Other would recommends (which you've seen pictures of but I'll list anyway): the duck, the chicken cutlet, the dumplings (they have multiple kinds, some are crispy, some moist, try one of each if you have a big enough party to so you can tell which you prefer).

In terms of sushi, they have loads of kinds - gunkan, maki in many different forms, traditional sushi that's simpler, more complicated maki, sashimi that comes in small enough portions that it's good for a sample. Its great.

Some of the sushi comes in 2s, some in 3s, some in 6s.

Whether you're there with a big group or a small group, there's plenty of ways to get variety without being too full on one thing, if that's what you want.

Things I would recommend trying out (besides the dragon roll) include the gunkan, the eel (omg so good usually), the butterfish (which I love, but I know it's not for everyone), and if you like cilantro, my husband Thomas loves this one cilantro one these guys do so well. A+

Their meat is delicious. A lot of variety here.

Haven't really tried any of the noodles or rice (I don't come for the carbs, haha! I go to Nami for that), but I'm sure they're delicious.

The food is never boring, even though they never change the menu.

There's just so much to go through that the variety, in my opinion, is quite enough without new additions.

Dessert isn't free or included in the price (unless you count the strawberry sushi, which you can totally order last as a closer as it's on the menu!).

I opt to get dessert sometimes, sometimes I don't.

When I do, I get mango sago. Because yum. And because there aren't a lot of places I know of that I can get sago in Portugal.

I should definitely look for more, but Asian restaurants are nowhere near as easy to come by here as they are in Toronto, so sometimes I really miss and crave my Asian desserts.

All in all, if you're an AYCE person and you're a tourist or have moved to Portugal and are thinking of trying this place out, do it.

Do it, do it. I hope you like it. I think you'll like it. I like it.

I would 100% bring any of my Toronto friends here. I know they'd love it.

Whether or not you should come here if you're not the biggest fan of all you can eat or don't really care, I'm not sure.

I think it's a pretty good place considering there's something for everyone, it's got so much variety and is really affordable.

But if you need fast service from an attentive staff and want things done like they are in regular restaurants - probably avoid.

Unless you're willing to be understanding about the fact that this is an AYCE restaurant, and thus, certain things you should give a little leeway on, as it's tough to stay on top of every table in a restaurant like this.