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Hiya! We're Elise and Thomas - a food lovin' couple currently residing in Cascais, Portugal.

Food has played a major role in our lives over the time we've been together, whether we're travelling, cooking at home, or eating out at one of the places near where we live.

I'd hazard a guess that there isn't much we wouldn't try at least once.

We're not put off by a lot of ingredients, just textures (Thomas hates "squidge" - think jellied eel - and I'm not a fan of the texture of coconut, though it's growing on me).

What we are put off by sometimes - price tags on things that just aren't worth the money.

The flipside is true as well - if we think food is good value, it will definitely tip the scales in favour of a dish, whether or not it's the best tasting option out there.

We're no strangers to trying out food from both ends of the spectrum - cheap and expensive. It's all game - so long as it's tasty and worth the money (which is definitely true in the case of cheap items and expensive ones!), we're happy to vouch for it.

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