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You 100% Must Try the Italian Pizza @ Atelier das Pizzas, Cascais

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There are very few pizza restaurants that really strike my husband Thomas' fancy. It's not that he doesn't love pizza - it's that he loves pizza, and cheese, way too much to settle for something subpar.

See there's regular old pizza that just hits the spot for having any old pizza, and then there's great pizza - that's got the perfect bread, the perfect cheese, and combined pretty well near blows your mind in terms of perfection.

And yes, in case you're wondering, Atelier das Pizzas does fit the bill for this high bar.

There's another pizza place we used to frequent before this one - Pizzaria Luzzo - which is also in Cascais, but I loved this one for it's super fine crust and for my husband, it just wasn't enough pastry for him.

Atelier das Pizzas has the perfect in between. It's not a thick crust pizza, it's not a thin crust pizza, it's smack dab in the middle and just right and oh so perfectly cooked.

There's a lot of topping options you can grab, and they're fantastic to be honest.

We've tried a wide variety of them but the one pizza that my husband just keeps going back to - because it's got the absolute most perfect combination of cheeses - is the 4 cheese pizza.

This is a classic option that usually just can't be beat, but we definitely had to try the others because who could resist?

They have one in particular that I love to bits - it's got jalapeno peppers on it and my goodness does it hit the spot for me.

Their presunto and mushroom option is not too bad, but I am not the biggest fan of the presunto or mushrooms they use. And the cheese on this pizza just isn't the same at hitting the spot as their four cheeses pizza.

I would prefer it if they had a more high end option with even better ingredients for this particular pizza, and the only reason their jalapeno pizza doesn't bother me is because the pizza has enough of an oomph from the peppers, the onions, and the pepperonis to not make me care.

This one doesn't have to be elevated for it to be good - it's just good.

Really, each time we go for another option, my husband regrets having gone for anything besides the four cheese pizza - which is where all the incredible cheeses are at.

We've tried grabbing a pizza each, one where he gets the four cheese, and where I get something else, but he only ends up having a slice or two of my pizza, which makes me miss having more of the four cheese pizza, too.

So at the end of the day, while we really enjoy variety, we just can't help ourselves and it almost becomes a disappointment if we don't end up with the same classic, perfection of a pizza - the four cheese.

You do have to cut these yourself if you order them in like we do. I am not sure if there's an option to have the pizzas pre-cut in app that I missed seeing, but it's not the default.

The crust, as I've said, is absolutely fantastic.

There's gluten free options available as well, but I haven't tried those, so sadly, I cannot yet say whether they live up to the incredible-ness of the gluten version of the pizza.

But I imagine it'd be good, and since I've currently begun the process of eliminating gluten from my diet for health reasons (I wish I had a choice about this - fresh and delicious bread is my absolute favourite thing to eat on the planet! No toppings needed), I will certainly have to give the gluten free version of this pizza a go.

And yes, though the other options are enticing, I'll certainly be starting with the four cheese pizza.

All to myself! Yum. Absolutely 100% would recommend trying this place if you haven't yet - and if you're willing to chance the fact that you may never want to go back to another pizza place again.

We sure haven't. I can't remember the last time we ordered in pizza that wasn't from here. But don't worry, I have absolutely #NoRegrets.