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Gluten Free Pizza Options in Cascais: Restaurants & Delivery

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While I am in the process of getting myself tested for celiac disease (stopped eating gluten for a month and felt better, but I need to start eating it again for a while to get the testing done!) I've been on the hunt for restaurant and general ready made food options that are gluten free in case it does turn out I have either celiac disease or some type of gluten intolerance.

This sucks because - well carbs = happiness, and I really don't want to give up eating things that I love because of health issues. But that's life, though luckily these days, there are plenty of workarounds.

One of the best workaround? Gluten free pizza, which luckily my husband's absolute favourite pizza restaurant in Cascais' offers the option of - so this is a complete win because we already order from there and know it tastes great!

As a heads up, I've also done an article on gluten free friendly restaurant options in Cascais, as well as a separate article on gluten free friendly dessert and snack options in Cascais.

I haven't tried many of them yet, but I have ended up at some over the years! Looking forward to trying more as I'm guessing I'll be needing to change up the types of restaurants I go to considerably. Doesn't seem like it will be as hard to do as I thought, however, which is exciting!

Now let's get into the gluten-free pizza restaurant dine-in and takeaway options. All of the restaurants listed, I'm pretty sure do both.

Also one WARNING/DISCLAIMER: sometimes restaurants offer gluten free pasta, but only offer pizza that contains gluten. A lot of these restaurants offer gluten free pasta because they use Rummo's gluten free pasta and then make their own sauces, so they're not specialized enough to make the pasta themselves, even, and don't carry gluten free pizza options either. So MAKE ABSOLUTE SURE when you order from a restaurant advertising gluten free friendly options that the exact dish you are ordering is gluten free.

Restaurants in Cascais That Offer Gluten Free Pizzas as an Option

1. Atelier das Pizzas

My husband and his uncle are both obsessed with this restaurant. They've been eating here religiously whenever my uncle swings down to Cascais for the day and they're both in the mood for pizza - which is quite frequently since they're both cheese obsessed and pretty well near aficionado level when it comes to both cheese and Italian cuisine in general.

While not everything on their menu is offered in gluten-free format (too bad for me, because I love their folded pizzas - so yum!) they have a considerable number of pizza options that are gluten free, so I'm definitely not going to complain.

I can't wait to try this place again one day, because I always assumed my issue with feeling ill the day after having it was down to being lactose intolerant - even though I'd pop lactase that should have been plenty enough to cover the quantity of cheese I was eating. If gluten intolerance or celiac disease is my missing piece, that means I can have all the gluten free pizza from Atelier das Pizzas I want. So exciting!

All of the images in this article are from the pizzas at Atilier das Pizzas, but they're not the gluten free options, so I'm unsure if those will look any different - my guess is the bread might, but that it might not show up in pictures.

2. Pizzeria Il Siciliano

I've actually seen quite a number of good reviews of this pizza place, so many that say the gluten free pizza is actually very good.

They have a large number of toppings you can have on your pizza, just make sure you're ordering from the Gluten Free section if you're on Uber Eats or Glovo - or to specify you want gluten free in-store, because not all of their options are gluten free, of course!

3. Roots Cafe Cascais

I've tried their pizza before and wasn't the biggest fan ever, but they do offer gluten free pizza options and my brother has gotten countless pizzas from here - so it's great to know they offer a gluten free pizza option, too!

Goes without saying, but they also offer options that are not gluten free, so make sure you're ordering gluten-free in particular.

I'm sure there are many more pizza places that offer gluten free options in Cascais that I'm missing, so I'm hoping to update this list as time goes on. And to update this website with reviews of the places I go to of course!

But I'm probably going to end up at Atelier das Pizzas 9 times out of 10, honestly. If not 10 times out of 10 once I've given the restaurants I haven't tried a go.

Because switching up pizza restaurants just isn't necessary to me when I've found the one pizza place I absolutely love best, and my guess is that Atelier das Pizzas just cannot be usurped! We'll see how it goes, but it's so hard to top that I doubt anything will come close.