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Our Relationship With Food

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Thomas and I have been married nearly a decade now, and in that time, our relationship with food - individually and together - has changed considerably.

We've changed our diets many times - from eating regularly at home, to being more comfortable with spending on restaurants and eating out (oh how we miss our favourite Korean restaurant back in Toronto), and finally back again to wanting to eat more home cooked meals so we have more control over what we put into our bodies.

We've gone from spending very little at the grocery store, to wanting to cook more expensive and fulfilling meals at home so we don't feel as tempted to go out.

Ultimately, the price of a burger (for instance) - even a high end one - is incredibly cheap if cooked at home. This is usually true even if you compare the price tag to a relatively inexpensive burger purchased from a restaurant. So why not splurge at the supermarket?

We've changed our diets in attempts to eat more nutritional meals, to be more healthy overall, to help us lose weight - the list goes on for ages.

And, on our decade together, we've moved countries twice, living in three different countries together thus far - Canada, the UK, and Portugal. Each time we moved, what we ate changed almost entirely.

It's been quite a journey, and I've grown to be a lot more satisfied with what we eat - both from a culinary perspective and from a health perspective - over the years.

We're definitely not likely to stay eating what we eat today forever, however, and sometimes a few of our favourite dishes, restaurants, and good foodie finds happen to get lost along the way because - well, we forget.

Forget no more with this blog, so long as we remember to post about our finds. And we'll be scribbling about all things food-adjacent (from the revolutionary Instant Pot to our favourite kitchen cutlery and dishware) along the way.

Here's to a relationship with food that continues to change, and does so in a way that's both healthier and tastier.