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Absolutely DO NOT Try: Burgers, Fish & Chips @ Club 20 Bar and Restaurant, Cascais

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This is essentially a warning to those of you who are thinking of ordering food from Club 20 Bar and Restaurant, Cascais - maybe you saw it on the Uber Eats app or were thinking of swinging by in person. We didn't go in person, but the quality of the food I cannot imagine being any good even there..

It's bad. Like really bad.

Not like food poisoning bad, that's really rare in Portugal based on my experiences. But it's nowhere near good. Like not even in the general vicinity.

This post is not for the faint at heart. In fact, it's pretty graphic. I started with the least graphic photo I have of this place - how it came to us packaged, but honestly it's going to go downhill fast. So turn back now if you can't handle looking at food that's.. well.. you'll see for yourself shortly.

So we pulled out our Uber Eats app one day and were scrolling through the sales and thought we'd be a little adventurous. You see, we're foodies, and we like taking risks sometimes, and every so often those risks pay off, but in this particular case, boy did it not.

And yes, sometimes you take a risk and you're like, "It's not bad, it's just not for me." Nope. Not this situation. In this case, I honestly don't believe this is for anybody.

We grabbed the Fish & Chips and two of the 18+ Big Boy Burgers. And yes, it was cheap. Very cheap. Which is why we figured we might as well try.

I should probably have looked up some reviews, as this place is not the best. But I didn't and we were obviously a bit too hungry before our purchase because we just went for it. The star ratings are roughly 3/5 for this place on a few different review apps. I'd give it a 1/5. Because you can go no lower than 1 star. If I could, it'd get a zero.

But enough of the talk, let's show you those burgers that were on top of the fish and chips, all packaged together in one plastic container... Ready?

Yeah that's the first thing we saw. So far, doesn't look too bad, but let's try to start holding it, taking a nibble, then .. well seeing what's inside of it...


Um yeah, a lot of sauce. And a lot of completely weird cheese that looks smothered onto the burger?

I tried to eat it, really tried...

Many attempts were made. But that bun is like.. well worse than the ones you get pre-made in grocery stores. Like a lot worse. It was so weird. Not that the inside wasn't. It wasn't tasty, it wasn't good but, okay, let's take off that bread cause I just can't anymore...

Eugh. Could there be any more sauce? And ketchup, and weird cheese? Oh yes, because the rest of it as well as some random pieces of lettuce, were still stuck to the buns...

I told you it was graphic.

But I tried, I really tried to make the most of it. Then I remembered, hey, we have those Fish & Chips. Let's give them a shot. They look fairly normal, sane, ordinary. Which is a lot of not-so-nice words to say about food when you want it to be delicious and epic, but that's not the bar we set here. So let's see..

At first glance, what could go wrong right?

The fish and chips both look fairy fine?

They are not. They are - at best - just a little bit worse than those frozen fish sticks you can get at the grocery store. The fries? Ugh no.

It was not tasty. It was not nice. And I'm pretty sure I still ate all that I could. Not because I wanted to, but because I was hungry.

And this disgusting plate is what I really tried to work with...

Eventually I just called it a night. A really bad experiment. I wasn't about to grab food we had lying around at home because, well, this puts you off food.

Just learn the lesson second hand. Learn from my experience. Don't even try.

Because if you do, you have this saucy yet somehow flavourless, massive yet completely unappealing and thus not filling because it's not worth eating through, utter disaster of a mess coming for you...

Haunting, honestly. So just no, no, no, no. Say no to the sales. Say no to the pit stop. Just don't do it. Please. Save yourself. If you do, at least maybe some good could come of this traumatizing experience.

Heed my warning: lest you find yourself with the same mess on your hands that I did.