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We Tried the Lidl SilverCrest Egg Cooker (Review)

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I love egg - both that cute lil' iloveegg song that went viral when I was a teenager, and real eggs, which I Stan pretty darn hard.

They're so tasty, exceptionally close to being nutritionally complete, so easy to cook, you can have 'em in a plethora of different ways, in so many foods - I just love 'em.

This love of eggs, however, doesn't translate to make me any less of a slacker insofar as eating as many eggs as I otherwise would.

I love boiled eggs - the most face-roll easy, least-clean up way to make eggs.

I could definitely have one every morning for breakfast without getting bored. And I definitely like them even if they're cold out of the fridge.

But I am enormously lazy, and can't even be arsed to make a batch for breakfast for the entire week every so often.

I've looked into buying egg cookers in the past, they do appeal to me, but never ended up checking out with one in my cart on Amazon.

Part of that's probably down to sheer laziness (obviously), another part is there are so many options out there, at so many different price points, with varying numbers of eggs and - well, to an extent I got decision paralysis.

My husband Thomas and I have definitely seen this Lild's brand SilverCrest Egg Cooker before a number of times over the years.

We normally don't bother to grab these kinds of things, but we've been more experimental on our trips to Lidl as of late, and have had such luck with Lidl's gadgets in general, as well as random kitchen items (their black Ernesto chopping boards have held up pretty darn well over time, and their knock off Le Creuset bowls and mugs are the bomb).

Basically, I saw this, my husband saw this on his own, the two of us gave each other that "should we?" look - Thomas asked the price, it's the mini version so we don't have to "commit" feeling like we have to make too many eggs - so I threw it in the cart and we couldn't help giving it a try once we got home.

We've tried it again since, the second time with much more success than the first.

The very first try was a touch messy - I'll admit.

An egg broke, the water bubbled for some reason (didn't do that the second day). Maybe down to us throwing in a touch too much water or maybe the egg broke and threw things off a little.

Either way - it's super easy to operate, super easy to clean if these mishaps do happen, and - I'll cut right to the chase here - definitely made some superb tasting boiled eggs.

Just a touch fluffy on the inside, nowhere near overcooked, and if I wanted, I could soft boil my eggs instead of hard boiling them quite easily by just adding less water in at the beginning.

But I'm jumping a little ahead here because I should outline the entire process (though it's really, really simple I promise).

Just fill in the water container they give you to the line you want - how much water you add controls how cooked your egg will end up.

You pour the water into the device, place the egg holder tray and then place the single or double eggs on top, cover it all with the see-through lid, and finally, press the single button that exists.

The egg cooker will beep once it's done your eggs. Then you can go in and press the "off" button.

Realistically, this is just to save electricity and make it safer for you to take off the eggs.

Realistically, there's no more water to keep cooking the eggs, so unlike some egg cookers I've seen, when it's done cooking your eggs, it's done cooking your eggs, you don't have to manually go in and turn it off the cooker for it to stop cooking after the beep.

You can pull those eggs out any way you want to.

The egg holder's easy to carry, even with two eggs, and you can directly take it to the sink to drench your eggs under cool water to get them to the right temperature more quickly (Thomas likes doing this).

Of course you can also place them in a bowl or plate and wait until they cool a bit, whatever you like.

If you have an egg burst like we had the first time we did this, it's no big deal, the device is ridiculously easy to clean. And to me, the egg didn't taste any worse for wear.

The eggs themselves came out pretty damn perfect.

[Edit 2022/08/29: I think the bubbling I mentioned earlier has to do with the egg breaking, because the inside bubbled again when I made myself an egg yesterday - and the egg broke inside it; so far the only eggs that have broken have been ones that aren't super fresh. But they're still incredibly tasty and pretty much perfect inside even when they do break, and again, it's super easy to clean.]

I will absolutely be experimenting by adding less water to get a sample of what a softer egg will taste like in this device - just to try!

[Edit 2022/08/29: Have tried soft boiled eggs in this handy little gadget now - soooo good!!]

The eggs are steamed, so the shell comes off the egg ridiculously easily when you're peeling.

The yolk is super delicious, nowhere near overcooked, and absolutely not green at all.

I think these would be the perfect texture if I wanted to plop some into the fridge for later.

I usually like more of a hard boiled egg to do that with - don't like soft boiled eggs as much in the fridge overnight.

But because this particular Lidl SilverCrest Egg Cooker makes only two eggs, it's easy for me to have them warm - I don't need to store them in the fridge since I'm only making two. I do prefer that to fridge-kept hard-boiled eggs.

There's not much else to say here besides - it's definitely worth the price since it's so affordable, and absolutely does what I want it to do, so I'd recommend giving this little kitchen gadget a shot!