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Gluten Free Friendly Cascais: Dessert, Bakeries, & Snack Restaurants

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I recently wrote an article listing a bunch of restaurants in Cascais that are gluten free friendly, having options that are without gluten, and some even having gluten free pasta options in particular.

It's great that we have so many options here and I'm sure there's quite a number I've not discovered that should make it to that list, but it's definitely a good place to start.

If you're in the market for more sugary sweetness instead - I've started a list of gluten free friendly pastry, bakery, and dessert options that could work, and if you're ever in the market for gluten free pizza, I have a separate article covering that as well.

Without further ado, some of the dessert, bakery, and snack options I've found in the Cascais area -

Dessert, Bakeries, & Snack Restaurants In Cascais That Offer Gluten Free Options

1. Italian Gelateria Fabio Lupi L'arte del Gelato Naturale

I've seen reviews that say this place offers some of the best gluten free waffles around. They also seem to offer gluten free crepes, pancakes, cakes, and ice cream (although I'm not sure if that sometimes has gluten in it), amongst other things. Of course make sure to specify you would like gluten-free versions, as I am unsure if this is the default or not (I would assume there are non-gluten free versions of everything as well).

2. Tocca Positive Food

Offers mostly drinks and desserts and snacks, that type of food.

Seems to have some gluten free snack options available, like a gluten free pao de queso.

3. Cozinha Por Mim Gluten Free

Offers a number of gluten free dessert options - from fresh cakes and bread to other pastries.

Also offers gluten free frozen meals that you can take home and eat in the comfort of your own home, so one to keep an eye on for sure!

4. House of Wonders ???

I've been to this vegetarian restaurant countless times and have had so many of their foods and desserts, but I'm unsure of if their dessert options are gluten free, or if there are gluten free dessert options, which they are - so word to the wise, ask please before "choosing with your eyes" as they have a sign up in the store telling you to do.

The photographs from this article are all from the desserts at House of Wonders, but again, I'm unsure if they're gluten free, so please check with them before ordering!

I'm actually pretty excited to try a few of these, especially the waffles and crepes at Italian Gelateria Fabio Lupi L'arte del Gelato Naturale.

They seem to have such good reviews that it's hard to pass up on the idea of them!

I hope there are many more options I'll discover over time, and I'll do my best to continue to update this list if I find some. As well as post reviews of the places I do manage to try, as I love using this website to remind myself of all the good food I love and haven't enjoyed in a while.

Sometimes you forget to visit even places you love dearly because you totally forgot! At least that happens with me quite frequently. Love having this blog to look back on pictures of good food, like a one-stop spot for me when I'm indecisive about where to go, which happens to me quite often.