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Nakd's Protein Bars May Just Be Tastier - To Me

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In my previous article I explained how my husband Thomas went gung ho when I told him I might be having issues with digesting gluten (I'm already lactose intolerant and I'm completely obsessed with bread so this sucks SO much!), coupled with his recent health kick meant he went digging for yums that were healthy for us while also being gluten free.

And he found Nakd bars. Which obviously we'd heard of before, we don't live under a rock. But we actually pulled the trigger and bought a couple mixed packs to try, a mixed pack of their regular bars, and a mixed pack of their protein bars, so that makes this time a little different.

I reviewed the different flavours we got that were Nakd's regular bars in the last article, and in this article I'll break down the three flavours we got in the Protein Bar pack, but first I want to just say - I think I may actually like the Protein Bars just a little more than the regular bars?

This is not what I'd assume is a popular opinion. I definitely think the sugar lovers and people who are normal and not weirdos like me will prefer the regular bars.

My husband likes the regular bars better, and I'd assume almost every friend and family member I'd introduce these to would also prefer the regular bars to these. Not that I'd assume they'd dislike these, but I would assume everyone would come to the conclusion that the regular bars have an edge over the protein bars.

For me, however, something about foods that are too sweet just puts me off a little bit? Regular Nakd bars aren't too sweet, don't get me wrong, but they're considerably sweeter tasting than their protein bars. And that somehow makes me ever so slightly less into them than these.

There's also the texture element. Which um, yum for both, but also slight edge for the protein bars to me, because they have more of that crunchy nut texture to them while the others are just (well it's not the right word but..) creamy?

They're like a touch gooey in the right way, and it's a FANTASTIC texture, it's like perfect for what it is - but I love when my chocolate bars have just a bit of crunch to them and have always loved that layer of complexity in my desserts, so I guess it makes sense that I like these better in this regard.

Finally there's the fact that the other bars are moreish - which is an incredible British word for when you feel you need to have more of something when you're done eating it. It's a nice feeling sometimes, but I feel when something is too moreish it makes me want to binge eat it, and that's not necessarily good. And I've also developed more of a liking to foods that make me feel satisfied after I've eaten them and not like I want just one more.

Now again - the regular Nakd bars are not too bad at this actually. They're not TOO moreish, but they're certainly (to me) more moreish than the Protein bars.

Part of it is probably the texture and how much more sugary they taste (to me!), but also a part of it is probably because these protein bars come in little squares that I can break off and so I already feel like I'm having like 4 little cheat nibbles (they come in 4 squares that you can easily tear off) instead of just one whole bar that I feel I can bite little bits off and save half for later if I want, but if I'm honest, I want the whole bar a lot of the time.

Besides that, there's the fact that I have to be in the mood to have their regular bars, and I don't seem to have any hesitation to have a chomp on their protein bars. Again, for me this might be the fact that they are less sugary tasting and I'm not in to sugary things all the time, just sometimes.

Way too much information on such small insignificant details? Maybe, but that's the kind of thing I'd fuss over if I could be picky - and since Nakd allows me to be picky by being able to choose regular vs protein bars, picky I'll be indeed.

So that's that out of the way. Now it's time to get into the flavours. Which to me are all way more similar tasting than the flavours in the normal Nakd bar mixed packs.

But in a good way, because I would definitely pick and choose to eat my favourites in the regular Nakd mixed pack, and get super disappointed when we're out of my favourites, but with the protein bars, I can see myself eating these evenly, and not caring which ones are left because they're all similar and also similar levels of very good tasting to me.

Enough of a preamble! Let's get to the flavour reviews.

Regular Nakd Bars Individual Flavour Reviews

1. Cocoa Hazelnut

Um so tasty. It's like a little bit of dark chocolate and a lot of nuts, the tastiest best nuts because they're hazelnuts, and just the perfect texture combination.

To me it feel like having a deeply satisfying, reasonably filling chocolate bar, and I really do love that. Hits the spot for sure.

2. Caramel

Classic chocolate bar ingredient. I used to be the biggest fan of Cadbury's Caramel Chocolate Bars, Mars Bars, Snickers & Twix growing up, and so caramel in a bar is always reminiscent of these to me.

Of the three flavours, this is probably my least favourite. But in a way that's not even worth talking about because I would totally reach for these and not be disappointed if they were the last ones left.

3. Peanut Butter

My favourite, hands down. Because like, how could you not love peanut butter in any sort of bar - chocolate bar, breakfast bar, or even a tasty milkshake - yum!

I love the flavour so much and it's not quite Snickers reminiscent, nor is it Reeces Peanut Butter Cups reminiscent (which I don't actually mind because I don't like Reeces Pieces or their Butter Cups because they're just too sweet and sticky tasting to me?), but it's just perfect tasting nonetheless. Really is.

If I had to choose one of Nakds bars - protein, regular line, or otherwise - to have for all of eternity because I am only allowed one flavour - it would be this one. And yes, I do prefer it to the regular Nakd bar's peanut butter version.

I just am obsessed with the texture of nuts in bars, and this has enough of that for me to be happy with the result to the point where I would absolutely not need any other type of protein or chocolate bar ever. Yup, to me, it's that good.

I mean if we lived in a fantasy world where I could eat absolutely anything I wanted and it would be just fine and dandy and would be super healthy for me, I'd choose to make Nestle's Lion Bars my top pick (Americans you are so missing out!), but we don't live in that world, so this is definitely my #1 choice, haha.

Thoughts on How Healthy Protein Nakd Bars Are

It seems to me that the protein bars are a little more healthy than their original line, because there's more of a focus on nuts rather than fruits in these bars, and so most of their sugar content is a bit less in the protein bars than it is in the flavours of their original line, but honestly, I don't think either are too bad.

I'd still only stick to eating one or two a day, and I'd still use them as a dessert replacement, but as I mentioned in a previous article, because they're packed with fiber and due to the fact that their ingredients are fruits and nuts, they also have a lot of vitamins and minerals that are good for you in them, I'm okay with them.

I don't think they'd taste the same if they didn't have so much sugar (again, it's still natural sugar, not added sugar, so not too bad). This means that I'll actually continue to eat them over time and not get bored of them and give up unlike I would do with most health bars.

And to be honest, I'm not sure how healthy you can get with breakfast bars, protein bars, and that kind of thing in general, so I'll take these over most any others anyway.

Excited to see if Nakd will increase the amount of flavour options or release other lines of bars in the future (pleaseplease banana / banana peanut butter, or heck, even cocoa peanut butter - if any of y'all see this post!).

But even if they don't I am so, so happy with the products they already offer, and I'm definitely adding these multi-packs to my monthly subscriptions on Amazon. Plus a separate pack of Blueberry Muffin so I don't have to fight to the death with my husband over those.

Huge job well done to Nakd from me on all of their bars, including these protein bars, and I've already begun to encourage friends & family to try all of 'em. So dang good!